Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Isagenix Day 10

So the past couple days I brought my Vanilla Shake mix with me to work, and today I brought the Chocolate and I am SO HAPPY to be on the chocolate again. I'm a chocoholic though, so it's much more satisfying to me, although the vanilla is nice for a change of pace. I did a Shake for breakfast and lunch again today since I was having dinner at a friends. I snacked healthy, and was excited since this particular friend usually makes really healthy meals. So unfortunately I had a very carb heavy dinner, as it was Pizza on Sourdough Rolls. It was amazing and delicious, but not what I was anticipating for my dinner. Oh well, I just have to be better about the rest of my meals, especially the ones I choose for myself. I think I've been more conscious, but it also seems so easy to slip up. I think one of the nice things about being on Isagenix is I know my other 2 meals are covered even if I slip up on the one I pick for myself. I've also been much better about healthy snacking, so that's definitely a huge step. I'm not going to let myself feel guilty about a meal, especially one someone else generously cooked for me. As long as I continue working on a better mindset for my overall general diet I know I'll be fine. Also, I feel like continuing to drink plenty of water has been helpful!

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