Sunday, September 5, 2010

Isagenix Days 13 &14

It's the weekend! Haha So This weekend, Josh and I went to Auto Club Speedway for his race weekend. We drove out Friday night, I packed my blender, shake mixes and rollerblades. The weekend itself was awesome, we camped on an air mattress in the bed of Josh's truck and beat out the heat during the day. Saturday was the worst! Temperatures hitting 109 on Saturday, and no shade was safe. I didn't run any laps on Saturday, the most I did was walk around the pits handing out business cards for a photographer that was there. It was fun meeting so many motorcycle enthusiasts, but I totally passed out in a camping chair in the garage once I finished. I did my shakes with ice blended in to make them more refreshing, and BOY did it make a HUGE refreshing difference on such a hot weekend. On Sunday it was similar, except that instead of being 109 degrees, it was only 97, hahaha. It was much more bearable though. and I even threw my skates on and zoomed around for a bit. I may have been bad though, I totally inhaled a cheese danish prior to my shake on Sunday. Then we went to dinner at Hooters, where I got Buffalo Shrimp, which is deep fried shrimp seasoned with the buffalo sauce of your choice. Although, they were only 300 for 10, as opposed to like, the 700+ calories for the 5 strips of buffalo chicken wings. So at least I was well within my calories for my "meal of the day", but between skating and sweating all weekend, I think it was ok to fudge a bit of the weekend. Despite my not ideal eating habits for the weekend, I did drink plenty of water, and considering the weekends situation, I don't feel guilty one bit for my choices!

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