Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Isagenix Day 30!

I finished my first 30 days of Isagenix! You know what? I feel pretty darn good! Overall I feel like I have more natural energy and like I'm actually awake. I remember more things during the day, and have definitely been able to step up my productivity and focus. I also FINALLY did a successful cleanse day yesterday. It really helps to have the IsaSnacks and drink the proper amounts of the cleanse too. I found myself much more able to handle the day without massively craving food. Today I'm back on the shakes and starting out month 2! I took my measurements today, and I have lost a total of 3.5 inches off my waist and a total of 10 whole inches off my entire body! As in, they have you take all these measurements of your whole body at the beginning, like around to arms, chest, rib cage, thighs, waist, hips, butt, calves, knee and neck, then you total it up and feel depressed about how many inches it all combines too. So my original total was 297.75 inches. My total after a month is 287.75 inches! And the best part is that with my calve actually getting bigger!!! (I've been working them out hahaha) So even with appropriate areas gaining, I'm still losing inches. I will weigh myself later, but am happy that as of last week I was down 3 lbs from my starting weight, which I've been stuck at for over a year. I'm just feeling really good. I'm hoping that by the end of this next month I'll fit happily in my "skinny jeans". I think the best part about using this product for me has been that it keeps me in check. I know I need to have 2 shakes a day, and because that's how I start my day, when I start feeling snacky, I have been better about reaching for healthier options, instead of the community donuts, or visiting super sugary snack cabinet across the hall. I have held myself more accountable when it comes to working out! I go to the gym almost every day, and the days I don't I do at least a 20 minute workout at home. So I know a bit part of the success I'm having is from my own dedication, but it helps to have this regime to follow and keep me on track. It also helps that I still have some level of energy when I get home. I used to want to just pass out every night after the commute home, and believe me, it's still incredibly exhausting!!! But now I actually feel like I have a good couple of hours still in my system once I'm home and have been better about putting it to good use. So I'm sticking with it for another month. I'm excited to see how I'm doing on day 60! haha Wish me luck!

PS: Sorry for my terrible delay in posting. Life got busy, but I was happy I was still staying consistant on Isagenix! It made it easy!

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