Thursday, September 23, 2010

Isagenix Day 33

This week has felt amazing! I've been in the Gym everyday, having my shakes, and being both healthy and thrifty about my meals choices! I feel fit, and between the energy levels and the level of toneness I'm starting to see, it's just very encouraging. I weighed myself at the gym the other day, and I am roughly 4 lbs lighter then when I started Isagenix. Sure, that doesn't sound like much, but for me it's huge! I don't have a lot of weight to loose, I started this program not because I was overweight, I'm actually in my healthy weight range (just the higher end of it was all) so my ultimate goal is not to drop a lot of weight, but to feel healthier and fit. I think if I had dropped a ton of weight right away, I would have been nervous, because when you don't have much to loose, it should take a little while, or else it's likely to come back with a vengeance! Between building up more muscle and loosing fat, I feel that 4 lbs is a very encouraging place to be! I'm almost 1/3 or the way to my goal! The best part is really being able to see the toneness of my muscles starting to come through. So all in all I feel even more motivated as I continue into month 2!

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