Sunday, August 29, 2010

Isagenix Days 6 & 7

I decided to lump these days together since they are after all the weekend! Saturday, I woke up, made my shake, and got ready for the early pool session of my SCUBA training. I definitely was energized through the pool session, but I'll admit that the smell from the breakfast cafe, less then 50 yards away, did make me crave French toast and waffles. After the pool session I was starving, so I got a multi grain muffin from the cafe with tons of fruits in it. Probably not the healthiest choice, but I was soooooooooo hungry at that point! We hit up our classroom session then Josh and I went to grab lunch. We ate at TGIFridays and I ordered the Shrimp Key West. OMG! I love this dish so much! It's just deliciously seasoned shrimp on a skewer with a side of broccoli. After lunch it was back to the pool where we finished going over all our diving skills with our gear in the pool. After that Josh took me to see John Williams in concert!!! AMAZING! I had a couple bites of a chicken caesar wrap, but wasn't feeling super hungry. Once we got home though I made my 2nds shake for the day, which was very satisfying. Then it was off to bed.

Sunday was supposed to be my first cleanse day. This means I would spend the day drinking tons of water and occasionally mixing in these various nutrients to keep my body going. However, this was also my final SCUBA day to get my certification, meaning tons of strenuous activity all day, not to mention, my fun monthly visitor which always manages to take WAY more out of me then I'd like. So I felt it was better to actually make it a shake day. Little did I know there were not any outlets available for my blender. On top of all this, the boat was rocking so very much I ended up spending all day horribly seasick. I munched on some carrots and broccoli and a piece or two of watermelon all day. The only time I felt alright was while I was SCUBA~ing. I got my certification, and was never more excited to see land! Josh was amazing too and both dropped me off and picked me up from the pier, then took me to dinner with our friends at BJs. Having regained a small amount of appetite, I ordered their Ahi Poke, which is sushi grade Tuna served with some sauce. It was perfect, a nice lite meal that finally put something in my stomach. I had to laugh a little b/c on a day when I was supposed to cleanse, but didn't, I eneded up practically fasting anyway. Hahaha Back to shakes tomorrow, I'll just worry about my first official fast next weekend. ^_^

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