Monday, August 23, 2010

Isagenix Day 1

So, I decided to start Isagenix today, Monday the 23rd. It is a body cleanse as well as weight loss diet and I'm both excited and skeptical. The diet/cleanse requires you replace 2 meals a day with their "Isa Lean Shake", eat one normal meal consisting of 400-600 calories along with a daily dose of the Ionix, Isa Accelerator and Isa Flush. It also comes with this bottle of "Snacks" that they call wafers.....they taste like chocolate chalk. They're not bad, just something to adjust to. So for day one, I started out with a chocolate Isa Lean Shake. It was good, and surprisingly filling. I had one of the "snacks" around 10:30 when I felt hungry, and then met a friend for lunch at Santa Maria BBQ. I ordered a chicken dish in an attempt to lean towards healthy, and even passed up the amazing looking piece of garlic bread they put on my plate. To be honest though, I ate maybe 1/4th of my meal and it was very likely not even close to the 400 calorie mark. Also, I wasn't sure how the snack thing worked, so upon feeling hungry again that afternoon an eating my third "isa snack" I called my friend Marcy to find out what the limit was on those things. She quickly clarified that the point of this diet is not to be hungry or starving. That when we get hungry, we should eat! She said she usually saves her isa snacks for the actual cleanse days and eats actual food snacks during the week. She then gave me a list of some good snack options. As always, if you can get organic, it will be much better for you too! When I got home I did sneak a couple bites of Josh's dinner before making my shake. I figured it was fine since I hadn't really consumed enough actual food and was feeling a bit light headed. I had my shake and felt good and full, then took the isa flush before bed as recommended. I started with 1 since the directions say 1-2 as needed. I may try 2 on day two to see what happens. All in all was good though, at no point was I STARVING on day one, and both the chocolate and vanilla shakes were surprisingly tasty!

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