Monday, August 30, 2010

Isagenix Day 8

So, today I am supposed to weigh and measure myself. As I mentioned earlier, I believe around day 4 or so, I am sadly having my lady week, which means extra weight and bloating. I am purposely skipping the weight and measure step this week purely on the principle that I refuse to let my lady week discourage me more then it normally does. Haha However, measuring or not, I DO feel great. I even feel a little bit leaner, if that's possible. I actually feel like I'm finding my waist. I'm still working on hitting the gym regularly, but overall I am feeling like my happy figure is slowly starting to reappear. I'll admit I've been a bit more snacky then last week though. I'm pretty sure it's because of Lady Week though, and I've been really good about eating my healthy snacks and not a bunch of junk food from the snack closet. Sadly, I may have eaten 2 Dark Chocolate Criss from Trader Joe's....I was craving chocolate, and at least these aren't OVERLY calorie heavy. I should really look into getting some Isa Delights, b/c they look/sound amazing and supposably help with appetite! At any rate, I'm doing well, Shake for breakfast, shake for lunch and then dinner with Josh. I got Chicken Curry with brown rice, not amazing, but I'll step it up! I've still be snacking on healthy things, and avoiding the tempting delicious sweets. I actually feel like the shakes help me not feel like I'm missing out on as much when it comes to sweets. So that's good! Yay!

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