Friday, August 27, 2010

Isagenix Day 5

So today has been a bit tough. I started out the day with a shake, and was going strong until lunch. I tried to be healthy, but we ate Brazilian for a coworkers baby shower and I didn't quite realize my soft shell crabs would be so....deep fried. whoops. At least it was delicious! So I'm not proud of my lunch choice, although I haven't felt snacky since, maybe it's the guilt! Haha Just kidding. I'll have a shake for dinner tonight and maybe a hard boiled egg as a snack before bed. I feel like not having the isa plush yesterday made me not so tooty....yeah, I've been pretty tooty since starting this, but I am also having a lot more fluids then solids. I think I'll try upping my fiber a bit though, that's always been a weak part of my diet anyway. The exciting news is, I've noticed my body's energy being at a much higher level! For awhile the only way I felt I was getting any natural energy was from taking an iron pill every morning, since starting this program I have not taken a single dose of iron, so this level of energy is refreshing!!! I've done my best to get exercise daily, although I did miss a day. I'm also considering moving my "cleanse" day to Monday, as I really don't think it's a good idea to be fasting while diving O_o I'll consult Marcy about this though and see what she thinks. All in all it's going well. I'll try the isa flush again tonight to see if there really is a noticeable tooty difference.

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