Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Isagenix Day 3

So I realized something today....I picked the WORST week to start this program. Hahaha Why you might ask? It's quite simple, once a month I, like most women, have a menstrual cycle. This means a whole week of fun, like bloating, water retention, cramps and oh yes, the additional 5 lbs and couple inches I put on that immediately goes away once the cycle is complete. I know what you're thinking "If it's just a temporary thing, why the big deal?" Well, this program prides itself on you being able to see the effects of your hard work and measure it ever 8 days. I started this program on Monday, took measurements of my body and weighed myself. So this coming Monday, the program asks that I do it again, however I'll be right in the middle of my cycle, and likely an extra few inches more bloated and a good 3-5 lbs heavier then normal, meaning it will be almost a mute point in measuring my progress on that day. I still will, but it was just funny to think about. On the bright side, when I weight and measure myself on day 16 I'm bound to see some improvement! Hahaha So all in all it works out, but I'm less looking forward to day 8 then I was when I started. Otherwise day 3 is going well. I Did both Shakes for breakfast and lunch since I'm out to dinner with friends tonight. I also hit up the gym for a good ab focused work out followed by cardio and a good stretch. Now I'm finishing off the work day before heading to Disneyland. I doubt I'll be eating organic, but I'll do my best to stick to lean meats or fish and stay away from the carbs as much as possible. Wish me luck!

EDIT: Also! I wanted to say I was good and steered clear of the donuts this morning, and have been keeping my appetite at bay with the yummy healthy snacks I picked up yesterday. I've also been working on not over indulging in them. It's easy for me to get caught up in thinking "This is healthy for me so I can have as much as I want!" When really, everything in moderation is better. I have actually noticed feeling full more though, which has been really nice! I'll snack a little bit, but quickly feel content and have been feeling content for longer then normal. I feel like I've built up the bad habit of snacking when I'm bored, and now I'm not feeling it as much. Like I'll have a moment of thinking "This is when I usually need a snack" and I think about it for a second and realize "I'm not hungry" and go back to working. So yay for that! Thank you Isagenix! <3

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